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Pebbles for Ruby

We've started sharing Ruby's name and her motto by painting pebbles and inviting people to take them on their travels or share in their local area. We'd love it if people could take a photo and share it online, tagging us - #livekindlyliveloudly

We'll be running pebble painting workshops throughout the year which anyone is welcome to join - the next one is on Saturday 2 March. Contact us if you'd like a slot or would like to know about future dates. Please also feel free to paint your own pebbles if you'd like to (acrylic pens make this very easy).

We've already had more than 30 pebbles created which are heading out all over the world places including California, Australia, Sri Lanka, the Netherlands and Trinidad. And we've already seen a few popping on social media - in south London, Devon, Surrey and Portugal.

In January 2024, one pebble (pictured below) was taken by Dr Lisa Russell, who heads the research team at Newcastle University that was awarded a grant from Ruby's fund, to a paediatric leukaemia conference in Bergamo, Italy where it was handed on to another researcher to continue its journey around the world. We look forward to hearing about its travels!

If you'd like us to post you a pebble, just email me at They are free of charge; if you're happy to donate the cost of the postage that would be wonderful - but not essential (about £3.50).

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