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Ruby's Wagamama Dinner Party

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Ruby's favourite food in the whole world was wagamama yasai katsu curry; she craved it throughout her chemotherapy. When her cancer relapsed, the world was in Covid-lockdown and we couldn't go out to a restaurant. Our dear friend Boo contacted wagamama to see if they could deliver a meal to Ruby. Their head chef Steve Mangleshot personally cooked and delivered a wonderful meal for Ruby and her family. It was just a couple of days before she died.

Early in 2021, Emma contacted Steve to ask whether he might be willing to host an online cooking demo for Ruby's friends and family, where they could learn to cook Ruby's favourite meal while raising funds for Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group. In March, almost 300 people took part in the 'Ruby's Dinner Party' live cookalong, hosted by Steve and his team. It was great fun, and raised over £10,000 for CCLG, which will go towards funding research kinder and more effective treatments for T-cell blood cancer.

You can watch the video. (And if you weren't able to buy a ticket and would like to donate, here is the link. Thank you!)

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