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Why do we fundraise for children's cancer research?

A couple of months ago, Ruby's Mum Emma was asked to speak at the Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG) Research Discovery Day.

Emma explained how Ruby's consultant told us that a reliable treatment for relapsed T-cell blood cancer (the kind Ruby had) hasn't yet been found - but that she fervently hoped that, with more research, better treatments would be found soon. And how Ruby asked for her savings - which she'd saved up for her gap year travel - to be donated to research. Emma explained how fundraising for CCLG has brought huge comfort to Ruby's family & friends, giving us somewhere to put our grief and providing us with a clear purpose. And how it's brought us together with a fabulous community of other families who fundraise for cancer research in memory of their beloved children.

Emma also spoke about meeting the team at Newcastle University carrying out the first research project funded through Ruby's fund and how their passion and dedication gives her hope that, one day, all children with cancer survive.

You can watch Emma's talk here. And if it inspires you to come and help us fundraise in 2024, we'd love to hear from you! (See below for some ideas.)

The NHS spent £500k trying to save Ruby’s life. We’re just over halfway to our goal of fundraising the same amount for childhood cancer research - so that more young people survive blood cancer. (Survival rates have improved tremendously in recent decades. But since Ruby died, around 500 children & young people have died of blood cancer in the UK 💔)

We're looking for some volunteers to take on the challenge of raising £1000 - in whatever way you like - by the end of 2024? Just set up your own fundraising page (click on the orange button) & the funds you raise can be paid in over the year.

Perhaps you’d like to take on a sponsored event (we’ve had everything from wingwalks & skydives to cycle rides, marathons & litter-picks) - or maybe you could organise something like a bake sale, a raffle or a quiz night?

CCLG will send you a fundraising pack full of ideas plus updates through the year with seasonal suggestions - & we’ll give you a pack of Live Kindly Live Loudly postcards & badges that you can give to your supporters.

Email us at if you're interested in taking part. And know that every penny you raise will go directly to paying for vital research to find better cancer treatments. For a future where all young people with cancer survive.

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