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The NHS spent around £500,000 trying to save Ruby.  But effective treatments for relapsed T-cell blood cancer just haven't been found yet.  So we're hoping to eventually raise a similar amount to fund research to find more effective and kinder treatments. We set up Ruby's Live Kindly Live Loudly fund with CCLG in August 2020 - and by August 2021 we'd already raised £100,000, which is amazing!  Fast forward to May 2023 an we've passed £200k.


We've had an amazing array of fundraising activities so far - everything from online dinner parties and comedy nights to sponsored skydives, wingwalks and headshaves. You can read about previous fundraisers here. If you'd like to do a fundraising event for Ruby's fund, please get in touch (drop us an email at!  CCLG run various fundraising events including skydives, abseils, 3-Peaks / Lake District Challenges, which you can sign-up for to raise money for Ruby's fund. Or you can do your own thing! We can give you t-shirts, badges and postcards to support your fundraising efforts and we'll also share what you're doing via social media.


We've got the following events coming up:  

Rosemead's fundraising
Ruby's infants school, Rosemead Pre-Prep, are supporting her fund with a variety of activities, including sales of pin badges, books and cocoa bombs, and a sponsored 'acts of kindness' week. Details here
Auction for Ruby
Following on from the success of our May 2023 Live Loudly Auction for Ruby, we plan to hold an annual auction around the anniversary of Ruby's death.  If you can offer any items, please get in touch with Emma:  (Previous items have included stays in holiday cottages, arts and crafts, tickets for events, jewellery, items signed by celebrities, coaching, workshops & more - all ideas welcome!)
Ongoing fundraising
A portion of proceeds from the sale of particular items are donated to Ruby's fund, including Clement & Claude's Love candles and diffusers (20% donation), Elena Blanco's Ruby series prints (33% donation) and Posh Totty Design's Live Kindly Live Loudly necklace. 

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