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Taking Ruby's motto to 10 Downing Street

Jessie was one of Ruby’s best mates. In year 10, they hatched a plan to one day be Prime Minister & Deputy Prime Minister. In Year 11 they were appointed head girl & deputy head girl at their school, Charter North Dulwich - & they joked that this was the first step on their path to number 10.

Their plans were derailed when Ruby was diagnosed with blood cancer at the end of year 12. After first-line treatment failed to cure her cancer, Ruby had a stem cell transplant, with the donor being found through the Anthony Nolan stem cell register.

The register was set up 50 years ago by Shirley Nolan, mum of Anthony, desperate to find a donor who might save her toddler’s life. Sadly a donor for Anthony couldn’t he found and he died aged just 7. But the register Shirley founded has saved thousands of lives.

Ruby’s transplant seemed to go well but the cancer was too aggressive and she died a few months later. But the transplant gave her & her friends & family hope, & a few oh-so precious weeks.

After Ruby died, Jessie became an ambassador for Anthony Nolan, and has given numerous talks at schools & colleges encouraging teenagers to sign up to the register. Her best friend couldn’t be saved, but in Ruby’s memory Jessie has persuaded countless people to sign up, undoubtedly saving lives in the process.

As one of Anthony Nolan’s star ambassadors, Jessie was invited to a reception at #10 Downing Street in March 2024 to celebrate the charity’s 50th anniversary. She invited Ruby's Mum as her plus one, & it was such an honour to attend.

Ruby would be so proud of her friend.

Ruby was with us in spirit, & her motto Live Kindly Live Loudly was on Jessie’s necklace, Emma’s bangle & badge.

And on a Ruby pebble. Which might have gotten left behind at number 10.

We also got to meet national icon Larry the number 10 cat! Ruby was a big fan of Larry.

Huge thanks to the team at Anthony Nolan for all their amazing work.

If you know anyone aged 16-30 , please encourage them to sign up to the register. Someone's life may depend on it. Details here.

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