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Living Loudly on BBC Woman's Hour, BBC Panorama, CNN & Sky News

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

On 22 December 2021, Emma was interviewed by Emma Barnett on BBC R4 Woman's Hour, talking about how frustrating it is for bereaved families who followed all the lockdown rules to see politicians breaking them.

You can hear the full interview here; Emma's interview starts around 15 mins 30 secs.

In January 2022, further evidence came to light of parties at Number 10 in May 2020. Emma was interviewed on Sky News on 12 January (the same day that our MP Helen Hayes shared Ruby's story in the House of Commons) and gave a couple of interviews to newspapers, resulting in coverage in a wide range of national and local papers. This included several which chose to feature the photo of Ruby with her 'Eton Mess' banner. Ruby would be so happy about that!

An interview followed with CNN and then BBC Panorama for their 'Boris on the Brink' programme (31 January). We could feel the spirit of Ruby loud and clear through all these interviews, with her rallying cry to Live Loudly spurring us on. We hoped for a moment that she might play a part in bringing Boris Johnson down (nothing would have made her happier). Whilst that hasn't happened yet, he's certainly been made to squirm.

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